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Psychiatric Treatment in North Bethesda

Meadows Psychiatry LLC is a psychiatric practice serving the people of North Bethesda, MD, and its surrounding areas. Dr. Richard Wu has provided psychiatry services to patients since 2015. 

As a result of his reputation in psychiatric services, he continues to see patients from all over the country and other parts of the world on an outpatient basis. Dr. Wu is board certified in psychiatry and has expertise in psychopharmacology. He is also licensed to practice psychotherapy and treat diagnosable disorders in the state of Maryland.


Below are the various psychiatric services that are offered at Meadows Psychiatry LLC.

What is Mental Health?

Mental or behavioral health alludes to a person’s emotional, social and psychological well-being. It molds your feelings, behavior, thoughts, and interaction with others. Your mental state contributes to how well you cope with stress.

From the above definition, mental health disorder is a mental illness that affects your behavior and thoughts. The disorder alters your mood, making it harder to function at school, home, and work.

It’s worth noting that poor mental health isn’t always synonymous with a mental health disorder. Also, you can have a mental health disorder and enjoy periods of great mental health.

Dr. Wu can guide you on ways to improve your mental health and offer quality psychiatric care to reduce the manifestation of mental health disorders.

Mental Health Conditions Treated at Meadows Psychiatry LLC


It’s a type of psychiatric disorder that causes someone to respond to certain situations or things with excessive fear. It may be accompanied by physical signs, including profuse sweating and an elevated heart rate.

Having some anxiety when going to an interview or tackling an issue at work is normal and even helps you to remain focused. However, anxiety disorder surpasses regular anxiousness and interferes with your performance or function. In some situations, it causes you to overreact and be unable to control your responses.


Insomnia is a sleep disorder associated with problems in the amount, timing, and quality of sleep, resulting in impaired functioning and daytime distress.

Insomnia might be the primary issue or a symptom of an underlying mental health challenge.

Richard Wu


Depression is a chronic, incapacitating illness that affects how a person feels, thinks, and functions. It is more than simple sadness or mourning, and it can interfere with family life, work, and school.

Although there are various effective medication and treatment options, you should consult with Dr. Wu to discuss the best treatment based on your unique situation.

ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADHD is a problem of having trouble focusing, impulsive behavior, or being hyperactive. For these symptoms to be attributed to ADHD, they should be out of the normal range for one’s development and age.

It is not considered a learning disability because it is not caused by a problem with how the brain receives and processes information.

If you think you have ADHD, visit Meadows Psychiatry for diagnosis and treatment. But since it’s not one thing that accurately determines whether you have ADHD or not, Dr. Wu will make a diagnosis based on several factors, including ruling out potential issues, before diagnosing you with ADHD.

He’ll conduct several psychological tests, including some that check for learning disabilities that closely mimic ADHD symptoms. You can also have depression and anxiety at the same time with ADHD. Dr. Wu will take your psychiatric and medical history to rule these out. Once he determines the type of ADHD you have and the extent of your symptoms, he’ll recommend effective medication, therapy, and learning strategies.

Bi-Polar and Mood Disorders

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder whose main symptoms are severe shifts in a person’s mood, energy, and ability to function. In bipolar I disorder, periods of depression are interspersed with periods of mania. In bipolar II disorder, there are usually depressive episodes alternating with hypomanic episodes.

Meadows Psychiatry LLC has experience in diagnosing and treating bipolar disorder. Getting appropriate treatment is essential because these mood shifts can have a negative impact on a person’s job and relationships with family and friends.

We provide psychiatric treatment for bipolar disorder in North Bethesda that can include medication, psychotherapy, and lifestyle changes. 

Take a Step towards Healing with Meadows Psychiatry

Mental health problems don’t discriminate between sexes or cultures. Dr. Wu began his training in mental health by obtaining his bachelor’s degree in psychology. This was followed by obtaining his medical degree and completing a psychiatric residency program. Dr. Wu has extensive experience in the field of psychiatry, which allows him to pick the best treatment for his patients. Mental health issues, shouldn’t be ignored as they could worsen or lead to suicide.

Through personalized treatment, Meadows Psychiatry will improve your quality of life, enhance your mental health, and preserve your physical health. It’s worth noting that he works with adolescents and adults, and on a broad mental health spectrum. Furthermore, Meadows Psychiatry provides exceptional follow-up care to ensure you’re progressing well.