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Psychiatric Care Rockville MD

Mental illness can affect anyone and create significant functional impairment regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, or socioeconomic status. Currently, the need for psychiatric care has expanded, as mental illness is a significant public health concern.

As such, the demand for psychiatric care exceeds the number of psychiatrists available to provide these services and requires various treatment methods, including outpatient mental health services.

Meadows Psychiatry LLC offers a variety of outpatient psychotherapy services in addition to psychiatric medication management. An individual can receive an evaluation at our office that may lead to psychiatric medication management, psychotherapy, referral for possible psychiatric hospitalization, or some other type of help. Here are some of our primary services.


Telemedicine services offered at Meadows Psychiatry LLC allow Dr. Richard Wu to provide psychiatric medication management and psychotherapy to patients using video and audio technology.

Telemedicine helps patients who live in rural areas or are in an area where it may be hard to access psychiatric help. Because patients receive services in the comfort and convenience of their home, telemedicine also benefits patients who have busy lives or lack transportation.

The videoconferencing software and network used employ security protocols that protect the patient’s confidentiality and have measures to ensure data integrity.

Richard Wu

Counseling and Psychotherapy Services

This is the main form of outpatient care that focuses on treating mental health conditions, including bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and other mood disorders. Individual psychotherapy is available at our office for in person visits.

Dr. Richard Wu, a board-certified psychiatrist, manages mental health, medication management for adults, and other therapies. He understands that every patient is different, so he comes up with specialized care plans to improve patient results.

Psychiatric Medication Management Services

A psychiatrist can perform assessments of the patient’s current mental condition, prescribe medications, and monitor the response from medications for patients diagnosed with mental health disorders to ensure they benefit from it.

As part of medication management, our psychiatrist advises patients on the best and safest ways to take their medications, including ways to reduce medication side effects and early warning signs that a patient may not be compliant with the prescribed treatment plan.

Telehealth Service

If you are in need of a psychiatrist in Rockville, MD, you can now receive medication management and psychiatric care online!

Using remote technology, such as computers and mobile devices, our Telehealth Service allows patients to connect with our psychiatrist to consult about their care.

This Rockville psychiatric service is only available for those receiving treatment from our Mental Health Center professional.

In-person appointments

In-person appointments are available with our psychiatrist in the Rockville, MD office. This is beneficial to patients who prefer the more personal experience of in-person appointments.

Integrated Services

Our psychiatrist is committed to providing integrated services to help patients with their mental health needs. Integrated services allow our mental health professional to collaborate with the patient’s other healthcare providers, such as physicians, as well as case managers, who work together to benefit the patient and the treatment process.

With this approach, our mental health professional can provide patients in Montgomery County with integrated and effective services.

Psychiatric Evaluation

As stated, anyone can be affected by mental illness. Therefore, it can be essential to be evaluated if you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of a mental illness.

Our psychiatrist provides psychiatric evaluations that are part of outpatient care. These evaluations are performed as part of the treatment process to identify the cause and treatment protocol for a patient’s mental health issue.

As the demand for psychiatric care has expanded, it is vital to offer medications and other treatment tools. Our staff is dedicated to taking the time to understand different needs and find innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of our patients.

Meadows Psychiatry LLC knows how to help patients recover from their mental health challenges. So, if you know or suspect that you might need help with a mental health disorder or want to talk about how well you are doing with your current medication or treatment, please call our office or schedule an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you.